A New Proposed Site in Mitchell Park

In early Fall, I was walking around Mitchell Park with local artist Arden Scott, discussing places in the park I was considering siting the sculpture. On our walk it was suggested that we check out the deck above the Tourist Office, beside the Marina Office. We walked up the back ramp, encountered the view, and immediately looked at each other and agreed, this was the perfect spot!

The deck is in plain view, but a bit of a secret. It’s very quiet up there, doesn’t attract much traffic, but it has a beautiful view of the park, the marina, and the Peconic Bay.  To the other side, you can see the back porch of Aldo’s, the Old Blacksmith Shop, and right up First Street.

It called up the placement of mechanical sightseeing viewers you can step up to, put a quarter in, and adjust the lens to see into the distance. Here, visitors can look out in all directions, turn the wheel of the sculpture and look through the eyes of generations of Greenporters, while contemplating this unique spot in space over time.

I drew up these images- hopefully you will see it on site next summer!

Proposed Sculpture on Deck in Mithcell Park

Proposed Sculpture on Deck in Mitchell Park


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