The Eyes in Process: Arthur Middleton Tasker

In October, Arthur Tasker contacted me after seeing my call for participants in the paper. We met at Aldo’s where he told me about his family’s migration to Greenport from the  New York City. The Taskers had a business in leather goods in the 19th Century and later Arthur came to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps as a lawyer. We met a few days later at his Sandy Beach house, where Arthur has memories of growing up and now grows oysters. I interviewed him on film and then he showed me pictures from his family history. Arthur is an avid genealogist and has records of his family going back over 200 years. (More to come in the video, so stay tuned.)

AM Tasker's Portrait With each family I feature, I am looking to photograph eyes of ancestors and descendants, to create a family lineage. This is a photo of Arthur Middleton Tasker (1880-1938), Arthur’s grandfather for whom he is named.



AM Takser's Eyes- Black and White


I isolated and adjusted Arthur’s eyes in photoshop, exaggerating the contrast to bring out as much detail as possible.


AM Tasker's Eyes in NegativeThis image I turned into a negative for printing on the pleixglass wheel on the sculpture. The whites will ultimately be transparent, such that the viewer can see right through the pupils, to the landscape beyond.


AM Tasker's Eyes for SilkscreenI am also creating a series of silkscreen prints for the project, so here are Arthur’s eyes translated into a bitmap pattern in a graphic image that, once shot onto a screen, can be transferred with ink onto another surface.


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