Friends and Supporters

Over the few short months I have been working on this project I have been the recipient of so much kindness and enthusiasm from the Greenport community. When I first discussed the project with Poppy Johnson and Mayor Nyce, one suggestion led to another as I met with many members of this wonderful village. Each person I talked to about the project had something to contribute- a connection, a story, a memory. How many people I met with at Aldo’s for coffee! Everyone seems to know each other in this close-knit town and the family connections go far back. There is a real reverence for its history, and after spending hours around town by the waterfront, the old cemeteries, the ferry, in the archive room at the library, and in people’s homes, I hope that I can bring that out in the project.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the following people so far:

Poppy Johnson, David Nyce, Joyce Beckenstein, Arden Scott, Caroline Waloski, Michael Combs,  Gail Horton, Dan Horton, Marilyn Corwin, Bob White, Lillian White, Jo Watkins, John Costello, Jane Costello, Bob Mills, Robert Staples, Arthur Tasker, Michael Verde, Pierre Cote and Joe Stauber

In addition I have to gratefully recognize Eric Winston of SFDS Fabrication and Design in Brooklyn who took on collaborating on the design and production of the sculpture and Wayne Sapper of King Displays  who beautifully printed and cut the wheel. I am proud to have them as sponsors of the project.

Thank you also to Michelle Carollo, the Grants Coordinator at the Huntington Arts Council who has advised me on the project as it progressed.



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