Featured Family Interviews

Family stories and personal connections to Greenport history are recounted by family members whose eyes are featured in the public sculpture. All these families have resided Village of Greenport for nearly a century, with one going back to the first settlement in Southold in 1640.

The Horton Family:

The Tasker Family:

The Walker-Watkins Family:

The Costello Family:

The White Family:

**View Entire Playlist on YouTube “A Port of Views”**


Call for Participants

Seeking Long-time Residents of Greenport

I’m looking for volunteers or suggestions of interested individuals whose families have resided in Greenport for at least 4 generations, up to and including the present. Participation will involve an interview for a short 5-10 minute documentary piece and photographs of the eyes of members of the family, both ancestors and descendants, which can be re-photographed from old photos. The videos will be screened at an event during the course of the show and available for viewing by the public, via this site.

To see examples of past video portraits view http://www.eyesonmainstreetriverhead.com/video-portraits-2/